Buy back and storage

One major advantage of purchasing your stairlifts from us, is our ‘buy back’ policy. Unlike most of our competitors, we will buy back/remove our UK customers stair lifts if they are no longer required (Subject to an engineer’s inspection)

Do you have a stairlift to sell? We will purchase/remove your unwanted stairlift, if it is less than 4 years old. Please call for a quote. If you have an unwanted stairlift, which is over four years old, we can remove this free of charge.

Are you a charity or local authority who needs to have stairlifts removed and stored, until such a time, that they can be used again? Whether they need removing, reconditioning or just storing we can help.

Over 8,000 square feet of storage space

Factory of Associated Stairlifts
Ben Cooper January 21st, 2015