Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get stair lift advice as to which stair lift to buy?

Contact an Associated Stairlifts advisor on freephone 0800 015 0249. Or for independent advice contact the occupational therapy department of your local social services or call the Red Cross.

How much does a stair lift cost?

Stairlifts vary in cost, depending on the size and shape of the staircase. You can purchase a reconditioned stairlift from as little as £895.00 or call freephone 0800 015 0249 to receive a personalised quotation.

Where does the stair lift fit?

All stairlifts are fitted directly to the tread of the stairs and not the wall, as most people think!

Can you get stairlifts for curved staircases?

Associated Stair lifts offer a range of curved lifts that are tailor made for each individual staircase. Due to this each staircase needs to be assessed before a quote can be generated.

How long will the stair lift installation take?

A stair lift can normally be installed within a few hours, and our dedicated and highly qualified engineers will minimise the disruption to your home. They will also test and demonstrate the stair lift thoroughly and make sure you are comfortable with the operation of your lift.

What happens if the stair lift breaks down?

Just call our service hotline and help and advice will be available to you by our experienced team.

Ben Cooper November 19th, 2014