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The MediTek stairlift range has been designed specifically for domestic application and will fit unobtrusively and gracefully onto almost any staircase. When not in use the Meditek Stairlift can be folded away and with a slim profile, it will not obstruct the stairway for use by other people.


Joystick makes for a finger light control and the diagnostic display keeps you informed of your lifts status, what is happening and if something is wrong.


Wireless wall-mounted or hand held infra-red remotes can be used to call and park the lift.  The strong infra-red sensors provide rapid, secure and uninterrupted control even in strong ambient light.

Meditek Technical Information

Maximum user weight capacity Single User: seated 160kg (25st) – standing 100kg (15.7st)
Maximum speed 0.09 m/sec (16 Ft/min)
Drive method Steel rack and pinion drive system
Motor 24v DC motor, 200W
Gearbox Worm and wheel self locking drive with oil lubrication
Carriage construction Fabricated steel chassis plate construction
Rail Extruded aluminium section
Stair angle range 25 degrees to 50 degrees
Safety measures Over speed governor and spring applied brake
Carriage power supply 24v DC (supplied by 2 * 12v 7.2 A/Hr batteries)
Battery charging Continuous battery charging via copper strip on rail
Guide rollers 12 x rollers with sealed lubricated ball bearing
Isolation key switch Fitted as standard
Seatbelts Seatbelt and harness options available
Child seat Available as an option
Seat upholstery Colour options available
Applicable standards EN 81:40

From: £1,495.00