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Platinum 2 lift

Located in the UK, Platinum Stairlifts has been supplying high quality stairlifts since 1996. At
Platinum, every stairlift is custom built to the needs of the user and their home.

The Platinum Stairlift has been designed with Stairlift users in mind, in that Platinum are aware all Stairlift users are different – different in height, shape and size and personality. The Platinum Stairlift comes with the standard seat or the Ergo plus seat which, has been designed to optimise the position of the legs when seated. The seat is fully adjustable – the seat back can be adjusted forwards and backwards, the seat and seat pad can be adjusted up, down, forwards or backwards and the arms are also adjustable.

Platinum 4

Two remote controls come with every Stairlift, allowing you to call the Stairlift to where you need it.

Platinum 5

The joystick can be used as either a button or lever to make the Stairlift easy to operate in a natural and comfortable position, even with limited mobility.

The key switch is an additional safety feature to prevent unauthorised use of your Stairlift.

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From: £1,495.00