Self Survey - Measurements

Express Installation

Save yourself some time and money by following our easy step-by-step guide to measuring your own stairs.

This will help speed up our process by not having to wait for us to come and survey your stairs, we can simply go from your measurements provided allowing us to get straight on with preparing your stairlift ready for a speedy installation.

Please complete each box and your contact details below or give us a call with your measurements. (Please note this applies to straight stairlifts only).

Step A
Measurement A (mm)
Step B
Measurement B (mm)
Step C
Measurement C (mm)
Step D
Measurement D (mm)
Step E
Measurement E (mm)
Step F
Measurement F (mm)

Width of Stairs
Top width (mm)
Bottom width (mm)
Measurements between the newel post and the skirting board at the top and at the bottom of the stairs so we can identify the minimum width.
Stairlift position
Will your stairlift be on the right or left hand side of your stairs?
Number of risers
How many risers does the staircase have in total?
Power point nearby?

Your Details

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